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Join us in our efforts through the work of Suubi Schools and The Malachi Project in Mukono, Uganda. Where we are helping bring a quality education and residential care to orphaned and vulnerable children in the area.

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Through the work of Suubi Schools and The Malachi Project

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Meet Tyler Martz, Director of PIA Uganda Projects

While serving in Afghanistan Tyler Martz met Charles. Charles is from central Uganda. He was fighting as a hired soldier in Afghanistan because he could earn money to send home to his family.​ Tyler and his wife Raquel, knew they had to do something to help the children and families in Charles's village and The Malachi Project was born, with a vision to ensure that the vulnerable children of Uganda have a chance at a better life.

Today, The Malachi Project has merged with PIA's work with Suubi Schools. PIA's work with Suubi Schools began in 2005 when we joined with a local Ugandan leader, Ezra, who had the vision to start a school that would educate and care for orphaned and vulnerable children in Mukono, Uganda. Today, Ezra leads two primary schools. He and the Suubi team also reach underprivileged children and sponsor their attendance at satellite schools.


Together, we are on a mission to provide every vulnerable child in Mukono, Uganda, with the safety of residential care and access to education.

Be A Part Of Kingdom Transformation In Uganda


Food Security

The ministry is providing emergency meals to families in extreme poverty. They also offer 3 meals per day for the children in boarding. The Malachi Project also has farms that provide fresh produce, ensuring both sustainability and food security.


Through Suubi Schools, thousands of children have been provided a quality education from kindergarten through primary school, giving them an academic leg up in life. Suubi schools is renowned in Mukono for academic excellence and its track record of providing underprivileged children with an opportunity to thrive.

Sustainable Economic Development

We are engineering a sustainable future for education and care expenses through agricultural enterprises and tuition-paying scholars. The Malachi Project operates a large farm with a piggery, vegetable produce, and lumber. Food grown on the farm is available to supply our children and families in need, and excess is sold at the local markets, providing income for the care opperations.

Spiritual Support

Central to our care for orphaned and vulnerable children in Mukono, is the spiritual support our team provides to the surrounding families as well as the children in the school. Throughout every child's education experience, they are offered an opportunity to learn about the Gospel message.

Do you feel that God is calling you to get involved?

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All Videos
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Intro to Suubi Schools

Intro to Suubi Schools

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Intro To The Malachi Project (1080p)

Intro To The Malachi Project (1080p)

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The Malachi Project Story (1080p)

The Malachi Project Story (1080p)

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Project Update - May 10th 2023 (1080p)

Project Update - May 10th 2023 (1080p)

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