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The Malachi Project


While serving in Afghanistan Tyler Martz met Charles.  Charles is from central Uganda.  He was fighting as a hired soldier in Afghanistan because he could earn money to send home to his family.

Tyler and his wife Raquel, knew they had to do something to help the children and families in Charles's village, and The Malachi Project was born.

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A thriving community in Mukono, Uganda.


To promote and provide sustainable services that support and develop a vibrant community that ensures a healthy prosperous future for the people of Mukono.  We will start by providing a school for the children of the village.


Funds have been raised to start building the school.  Through the generosity of our supporters we have completed 

  • three classrooms

  • water tower

  • girls dormitory

  • septic system.

We also have 25-acre farm north of the school with 500 chickens, four oxen, and two pigs.  We are growing tomatoes, corn, and figs.  The farm will provide food for the children and income to cover some of our expenses.


But more is needed to complete the building, hire staff, and purchase the needed books and supplies.  


Our immediate needs are to

  • add five more classrooms

  • complete a boy's dormitory.

Every dollar spent will help a child move out of poverty.





We were finally able to visit Charles, Jane, and the children in Uganda. We spent some time in the slums and fought back tears as we were able to hand out bread to give 200 kids their only meal of the day.


An extremely generous couple bought Charles and Jane their first vehicle which will be helpful for many years.


Charles gave us his house to make this school possible, and currently lives in an administrative room. Another generous couple saw this, and purchased for him, a home of his own next to the school, where his family can live. We are looking forward to finishing this house in coming months, and I can’t wait to see what it looks like when completed.

So much has happened since our last video update, so please take a moment to watch the video below from our trip to Uganda in March of 2022.

We had the opportunity to visit multiple schools and get a better understanding of the school system and the huge need for education in Uganda.


We are planning to open the MALACHI Junior School in January of 2024. We still have a lot to build including a kitchen, teachers building, bathrooms, and a security room. We also will still need to furnish the classrooms with desks and chairs, and the bedrooms with beds, mattresses, and sheets. 


In the meantime, the children that are part of the MALACHI project are currently attending the El Shaddai school in Bukedea. This school is run by another man of God named Charles. We are working closely with him to plan for future overflow of children. The El Shaddai school is over 4 hours away from the MALACHI school.


We were able to visit these children and had an amazing time listening to songs and handing out school supplies.


During our visit, the one thing that really stuck out to all of us is the level of poverty the children of Uganda are currently experiencing. Pictures do not do justice to show how children in the hundreds cannot afford school, sleep in the dirt, and beg for enough money, to eat for the day. When they have no guardian to help them, they lose hope for the future.


This is why we need your help. 


The MALACHI Junior School for Orphans is going to make a difference, is going to make a change, and is going to make sure that orphans in Mukono have a chance at a better life.

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