Our Impact 

The Kingdom of Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) is in crisis. It has one of the highest AIDS rates in the world, and as a result approximately 10% of the population of Eswatini are orphans and vulnerable children living in need. The Bulembu team is on a mission to provide these children with a future, starting with giving them a family.



Once a thriving mining town, in 2001, the mining company was liquidated and Bulembu was left abandoned. In 2006, God provided the path for the purchase of the 3,600 acres of property that comprise the town and the surrounding land. The property has been purposed to house orphaned and vulnerable children. The community and ministry have been blessed with the business leadership and experience to lead an amazing social venture.

The vision of Bulembu is to raise leaders while restoring a town for sustainable Kingdom transformation by restoring hope, equipping lives, and building family through Christ-centered community care and enterprise.

Today, there are almost 400 orphaned and vulnerable children that live in the formerly abandoned cottages of Bulembu. The children are fed simple but nutritious meals cooked by a dedicated staff. Another key component of what Bulembu Ministries does is teaching the children basic skills to succeed in life, such as tending to a vegetable garden, hand-washing and line-drying their clothes, and maintaining the tidiness of their home. 

The Bulembu Christian Academy is led by committed teachers and staff that incorporate strong Christian values into the education of the children. In Bulembu there is the Bulembu Community Church, a health clinic, a commercial bakery, small general store, and many other enterprises to the support the mission of childcare for the orphaned and vulnerable children who come to Bulembu.



Bulembu Christian Academy

Education is central to our vision in providing the Bulembu child with a hope and a future.

Child Care


Bulembu supports the ongoing care of approximately 400 orphaned and vulnerable children.

Social Enterprise

Bulembu Ministries has found many opportunities to build innovative, sustainable and profitable businesses in Swaziland. 


Our vision is to raise leaders while restoring a town for sustainable Kingdom transformation

We do this by restoring hope, equipping lives, building family through Christ-centered community care and community enterprise




Bulembu’s Child Sponsorship Program is a way to support the Bulembu vision as the town works to rescue children, raise leaders, and rebuild a community and a nation. Unlike other child sponsorship programs, Bulembu’s Child Sponsorship Program goes beyond simply supplying essentials like food, shelter and clothing. Child sponsorship ensures long-term, sustainable solutions by providing holistic care directly to children in need.