For 32 years Partners in Action has played a vital role serving communities in need worldwide. Our mission is to move children and families out of poverty by building sustainable communities that can support themselves economically.  As a Christ-centered and purpose-driven organization, our goal is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the communities we serve.

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The Poverty Lab

Raising Up Okouvwori Village

In 2017 Partners in Action embarked on a partnership with Mission Africa to bring new agriculture methods and a complement of nutritious crops to improve health and wellness in the impoverished area around Sapele, Delta State, Nigeria. In October Partners in Action officially opened the Okouvwori Community Center. Our goal is simple - develop a sustainable economy that will bring people out of poverty.

Orphans in eSwatini

In 2006 PIA, through an International partnership, acquired an abandoned town in Swaziland called Bulembu. Today Bulembu is a thriving town with numerous business enterprises. Orphaned children receive food, education, and the hope for a future. No child is left behind in Bulembu.

Agriculture in Namwala

Beginning in November 2017 Partners in Action has continued to evaluate opportunities to impact extreme poverty in Southern Zambia through new agriculture programs. Read how the work has progressed and see what we are doing now.

Partners in Action

Suubi Child Developement

Partners in Action has provided continuous support to Suubi Child Development, an organization that has cared for and schooled impoverished children in Suubi, Uganda. In January 2018 we opened a new school for children in higher income families that pay for schooling. The income from this school will fund the needs of the orphanage and school for our children in need.

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The act of combining generosity, innovation, risk, collaboration and sustainability.

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Philanthropreneurship is an innovative approach that brings together philanthropy and entrepreneurship in the fight to eliminate extreme poverty.  Community Development focuses on education, skills training, and general health and welfare for the people in the Community.  Social impact is achieved when the Community creates jobs for its people,  improves the education of its children, and trains members in clean water, family values, and other health and welfare programs.

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.”

~ Mark 10:27 NIV

How does an African village in eSwatini achieve sustainability?  In 2006 AIDS had ravished the adult community in Swaziland and babies and children suffered the worst impact.  Bulembu started as an orphanage that took in these abandoned and otherwise orphaned children and sought to give them a life of hope and joy.  Built on the site of an abandoned asbestos mining town, Bulembu now stands as a shining example of what can be accomplished to raise up children in Africa.