Covid- 19 

Help us fight this Pandemic



Bulembu: 20

Hawane: 6

Bulembu: 16

Hawane: 6

Total Confirmed cases



None of PIA's other project sites have any known cases. 



Covid-19 is now in virtually every African nation.  There is some good news – most African countries have initiated lockdowns and are actively fighting the spread of the virus.

But lockdown in Africa has a much darker side.  In countries where extreme poverty is rampant, people who live on meager sums of money earned each day in local markets have no money, no food, and no government safety nets.

Please help Partners in Action bring food to people at this time when they have no good choices.


Our support staff require disposable masks for high risk days


Hundreds of hands need to be sanitized constantly. 

Hundreds of hands need to be sanitized daily 

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