When it started



Develop a business venture that supports all costs to house and educate our orphan population in Suubi, Uganda.

Description of the Project

Since 2012 Partners in Action has worked to advance the needs of orphans and impoverished children in Suubi, Uganda. Funding has been used to provide shelter and clothing to the children, however more was needed. To create a sustainable revenue stream, Partners in Action has worked with Suubi Child Development to build a school for high income families. This school will generate a continuous income stream to meet the needs of our at-risk kids.

The Suubi school was completed in December 2017 and is now enrolling students for the 2018 school year. Enrollment has been excellent and we are reaching the point of sustainability.

Future Projects

For the Suubi for-profit school, in the next 1-3 years our goal is to expand enrollment and add a curriculum for agriculture and farming.

In 2018 we plan to introduce new and healthy farming to fight malnutrition and develop income for families. In partnership with Organics4Orphans we will determine the best crops for Uganda based on the type of crops that can thrive in the Ugandan climate and the nutritious value of the crops selected. This program will be piloted in later in 2018 following our first partnership with Organics4Orphans that is planning its launch in Nigeria.