When it started



Uplift the community of Okouvwori Village in the Okpe Region of Nigeria.  The village is in Amukpe, Sapele, Delta State.

Description of the Project

Partners in Action has joined together with Mission Africa to lift up the Okuovwori Village community in Sapele, Nigeria.  Our goal is to create sustainable economic enterprise that will provide jobs to members of the community and over time create a sustainable and prosperous economy for its members.

Our first goal is to fight malnutrition through organic farming.  Farming has been lacking in Nigeria and the growth of farming will enable employment opportunities and aid the undernourished population.  An important goal is to lift up the quality of public education through better schools with advanced learning tools such as tablets and computers.

We have opened a Community Center to better understand the needs of the people in the Village, create a gathering spot for Community members, enable access to computers and the internet, and provide training opportunities.  The Community Center will also house a new Sewing Operation and organic farm for training community members in farming techniques.

Work in Nigeria is moving forward.  The Okuovwori Community Center is a prototype for bringing community development throughout the Okpe Region.

What Have We Accomplished?

  • In October 2018 the Okouvwori Community Center was opened with the support and encouragement of local leaders.  The team includes our local Program Coordinator, our Community Center Director who is from the community, and two team members who lead training in organic small-scale farming.
  • The first training class in small scale farming using organic farming best practices started in November and ran for four weeks.  The class was attended by 15 community members.  The classroom training is complete and the team will continue hands on planting and cultivating.


  • A new class launched in December to teach Cake Making.  This will enable individuals to set up a small business in the local marketplace.  The class will teach 10 community members the principles of cake making and decorating.



2019 Planned Projects

Agriculture Expansion

Partners in Action is working with a local enterprise to establish a foundation for agricultural expansion in Sapele.  This is a large opportunity with significant potential for the region.  The creation of a small scale farmer out-grower network will enable individuals with better training and access to the agro value chain.  This project will begin in early 2019.

Sewing Factory

Space has been allocated in the Community Center to start a sewing operation that would train local community members and provide jobs for the community.  Our goal is to begin this project in mid-2019.


Please consider helping us to make this venture a reality.  Through the grace of God we will make a difference in Nigeria!