Beginning in November 2017 Partners in Action has continued to evaluate opportunities to impact extreme poverty in Southern Zambia through new agriculture programs. In 2018 PIA funded 100 farmers to grow cowpeas in addition to their standard product – maize. The major drought in early 2018 wiped out the maize crops in our region. Those fortunate enough to be part of the cowpea initiative were able to realize some output and stave off a complete loss.  For these rural farmers there is no other source of income.  The drought has brought a widespread hunger problem.

Fast forward to July 2019.  PIA is working with the Nawwala Ila Trust, a local NGO initiated by two of the local Chiefs, in a drive to diversify and expand agriculture in Namwala.  In October we will officially launch a Poultry egg-layer program that will enable farmers to diversify to new sources of income.  The continuation of the cowpea program, along with the additional of new crop types, will begin in November.

Please consider helping with the agricultural diversification of the Namwala District.