Since November 2017 Partners in Action has evaluated opportunities to impact extreme poverty in Southern Zambia through new agriculture programs. In late 2018 PIA funded 100 farmers to grow cowpeas in addition to the region’s standard product – maize. A major drought in early 2019 wiped out virtually the entire maize crop.  Farmers had neither food to eat nor income from their farms.  Throughout 2019 farmers have relied on meager government rations to keep their families alive.

What We Learned from this

Those fortunate enough to be part of the cowpea initiative were able to realize some output and stave off a complete loss.  We formulated a plan to make sure farmers, their families and their communities don’t face this kind of emergency again.

Introducing the Product Diversification Model

From  July thru October 2019 PIA partnered with various groups in Zambia to develop the Product Diversification Model that will expand agriculture in Namwala and create the path to food and income security.  For $1000 – which is provided to the farmer as a loan – a farmer will be able to restart his or her farm with a diverse set of products.  The farmer will grow multiple crops and raise poultry.  We have partnered with Customers committed to purchasing the farm output at a fair market price.

When the farm output is sold the loan amount is returned to the Diversification Fund to help the next farmer.  And so on …

Only with Your Help will we Make it Happen

The 2020 Namwala Food and Income Security Program starts now!  Our goal is to have maize planted by mid-December and cowpeas planted by the end of December.  We will start the distribution of broiler chickens in January.  We have raised funds to provide inputs to 50% of the farmers.  Will you help us to reach all the 100 farmers in Namwala?