When it started



Develop a new approach to agriculture that eliminates malnutrition and creates business opportunities in farming.

Description of the Project

Mission: Africa and Partners in Action have joined together to fight malnutrition through organic farming in Nigeria.  Farming is desperately lacking in Nigeria and the growth of farming will enable employment opportunities and aid the undernourished population.  A pilot is now underway to determine the best types of crops for Nigeria and to train participants in farming techniques.  The pilot includes mid-size farms (1-3 acres), small family farms, and a farm at a local school.  For the school we will implement a new source for potable water and add agriculture to the curriculum.  The pilot will serve to identify local individuals on the ground to lead the next phase of the project.

Measuring Project Success

In June 2018 the team will travel to Nigeria to present a sustainability plan to the local leaders.  Based on learnings from the pilot we will engage with Church and civic leaders to identify a broad roll out of farming in the community.  At that time we will put in place the local on the ground team in Sapele who will lead this effort.

Future Projects

Developing a commercial outlet for crops will be the final step to create economic sustainability through Agriculture.  We will also continue to evaluate other projects such as sewing to create additional economic opportunities within the community.