Partners in Action is committed to enabling business enterprise in Okouvwori Village in Sapele, Nigeria.  Skill development  and the creation of new businesses are the foundation for lifting people out of extreme poverty – for good.


Pastor Godwin Eruatovwowo has a passion for shoes and he has over 20 years of experience making them. It was very exciting when he approached Partners in Action in the spring of 2019 with a business opportunity to open a business to make shoes, belts, and handbags.

The team is now selecting six Okouvwori Village community members to begin a training program in the making of belts, shoes, and handbags. These are people who have no jobs and little family income.  A summary of the program is as follows: 

  • Community training of six individuals at the Okouvwori Community Center; 
  • development of skills in the making of leather and fabric shoes, belts, and handbags; 
  • development of sales channels for selling products with a goal of 80% of all output made to order and 20% available for sales in the area markets; and 
  • identification of long-term growth potential into related products and markets. 


Partners in Action is very close to reaching our $13,000 goal to purchase the equipment and materials needed to start this new business enterprise.  It will take three months for our trainees to learn the basics of shoe-making and start to produce shoes to sell.  By the end of the six month training program the trainees will also be skilled in the making of handbags and belts.  They will be able to earn sustainable income to move their families out of poverty.  As funding becomes available we can train new villagers in this job-creating skill.