Partners in Action is committed to the children in Okouvwori and surrounding villages in Sapele, Nigeria.  Our vision and hope is that every child can attend school and that while in school every child can count on one nutritious meal per day.  Will you help us make this a reality?


A few weeks ago we met 12-year old Joshua in Okouvwori Village just outside of Sapele, Delta State, Nigeria. He’s a smart boy who loves to learn and desperately wants to attend school. But public school in Sapele isn’t free and sometimes the 7000 naira fee (about $20) for a school session is more than his parents can afford.

Learning in this environment is complicated by other factors.
Classrooms are crowded – in Joshua’s class, there are 70 children. Teachers do their best, but kids like Joshua rarely get the individual attention they need, and once they begin to fall behind it’s even harder to catch up.

Hunger makes learning even more difficult.

We have learned government lunch programs provide for the youngest students from first to third grade, but older kids have to find another way to be fed or go hungry for the day.

Sadly, far too many children in Nigeria are forced to leave school at a young age. Pressures to work, care for younger children, and continue in the lifestyle of their parents – subsistence living in many cases – overcome the desire of the children to be in school.  Thus, poverty is perpetuated.


Education is critical to lifting people out of poverty – that’s why Partners in Action is committed to making sure Joshua and kids like him in villages in Nigeria have access to school, the tools they need to learn, classroom supplies, a safe building, and at least one good, healthy meal a day.


As we send our own kids off to school this month, let’s help send kids like Joshua to school.  But more than that, you’re helping lift some of the world’s poorest communities out of the poverty cycle by ensuring every child has access to education.

Your gift will provide school fees and uniforms; security; meals; electricity; books and supplies; and technology.

Send a Child to School

Your gift of $40 will give Joshua or someone like him a full year of primary school in Nigeria.  $20 will provide a semester of school.

Feed the Children Challenge

$15,000 is urgently needed to feed the children in Grades 4-6.  This will enable us to feed 225 students for the entire school year.


If 15 people will give $1,000 we can ensure that every child has one good meal per day.

Access to Technology

$17,000 will bring Technology to the school (computers, computer lab, tablets, internet).



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