Owghere School Needs a New Borehole 

In January 2019 when the 450 students returned to the Oghwere Primary School they were met with an unexpected problem – damage to the school’s borehole meant there was no drinking water for the children and no water for flushing the toilets.  A borehole that was built by an international NGO collapsed in December.  Repeated efforts to repair the borehole failed.  Please help us to construct a new borehole at Oghwere School.


Oghwere School is located in Okouvwori Village near Sapele, Nigeria. The school lacks electricity and running water and most of the school’s buildings have structural damage.  The only textbooks and supplies are donated by an International charity organization.  But the children come every day because without this school they have no hope for a better life.


On November 6th, 2019 the new Borehole and Toilet Facility were commissioned at the Oghwere School.  Local officials attended the commissioning and were impressed by the work that was done.    And most importantly, the Headmistress, Teachers, and Students are thrilled and thankful for what YOU have done.

What you did was life changing.  Your donation has allowed us to 

  • Dig a new borehole with an automatic pumping system

  • Provide water storage tanks

  • Provide water taps so the children can easily access water

  • Make repairs to the toilet building so that four stalls have working toilets

  • Connect the toilets to the new water source so they FLUSH

  • Build a concrete wall around the Borehole to protect it from vandalism and for the safety of the kids

We asked for $9,000 and through your generosity we met and even slightly exceeded our goal.  With the additional funds we were able to add more security and accessibility.

  • Repair the Security Gate and provide a new lock to eliminate a problem with unauthorized people accessing the school grounds

  • Clear the grounds around the toilet building of weeds and install a walkway for the children to use

  • Remove the collapsed borehole structure and fill in the hole for safety of the children.




PIA is working to end extreme poverty in Okouvwori Village through various training programs conducted at our Okouvwori Community Center.  Click here to learn more about the Village and the Community Center.



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