The requirements of a Domestic Subordinate Partner are:

  • Must be structured as a for-profit company and have a Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN).  You can apply online by filling out an SS-4 application.
  • Maintain your books and records on the same fiscal year as Partners in Action, which is December 31.
  • Must be structured as a for-profit Corporation or Limited Liability Company.
  • Must have organizing documents and submit them to Partners in Action.
  • Be subject to Partners in Action’s general supervision and oversight for as long as you are a subordinate organization.
  • Be organized and operated for purposes defined in Code 501(c)3 which are consistent with Partners In Action’s purposes or operations.
  • Promptly advise Partners in Action if there are any material changes in your purposes or operations.
  • Supply in good order to Partners in Action all data needed to verify the above information, enabling Partners In Action to include you on our IRS roster of subordinate organizations.
  • Timely file IRS 990 forms, applicable to your organization.

The application procedure is:

  • Submit your application to Partners in Action.  Include a letter verification that your organization meets the above requirements.  Enclose your organizing documents, such as Articles, By-laws, Operating Agreement, or Certificate of Incorporation, if incorporated.  Provide a copy of your IRS letter confirming your Federal EIN.  Please restate in your letter that your organization will adhere to the list of requirements.
  • After Partners in Action reviews your application and materials, you will receive a letter of approval or denial from Partners In Action.