Annual Grant Request and Quarterly Reporting

PIA Affiliate organizations are required to submit an Annual Grant Request prior to each calendar year and Quarterly Reporting at the end of each quarter of operation.  Included are the Annual Grant Request and Quarterly Report forms.

Application to join PIA as a subordinate organization

Organizations involved in charitable activity that do not have a 501c3 designation may gain this status thru PIA.  Include are the Requirements to Become a PIA Subordinate and Subordinate Application form.

Submit a Sustainable Venture Opportunity

If you would like consideration to become a PIA Venture you must apply and be accepted.  The process requires submission of an application and a budget.  A full review by the PIA Venture Committee will determine if the venture and your organization meet PIA criteria and the nature of the assistance that may be provided by PIA.  PIA offers services to provide or mentor Social Entrepreneurs and Project Managers and maintains funding sources to assist the venture in getting started.  Please contact Partners in Action to learn more about becoming a Venture Partner.


If you are interested in learning more about these PIA processes and services or if what you are interested in is not located here please Contact Us.