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New Initiative Launching in Nigeria

In 2010 Victor Jakpur founded Mission Africa to serve the needs of his native home in Nigeria, specifically in the Okbe Region in Delta State.  Now an American, Victor was aware of the hardship and suffering in his homeland.  He knew about the lack of food, malnutrition, sickness, limited or no access to education, and the struggles to survive in his village.  Since 2010 Victor has worked to improve lives of the people in this area.

Mission Africa and Partners in Action are partnering in the launch of a pilot agriculture project.  A team of three Nigerians is currently in school in Kenya to learn about organic farming, the medicinal value of food,and how to fight malnutrition. This will provide adequate and nutritious food sources that fight malnutrition and create business opportunities in farming.  In a 2016 study by the World Bank, Employment and Agricultural Development were viewed by Nigerian leaders as the top two areas that would most contribute to reducing poverty.

In May our U.S. team will be on the ground to assess the pilot Agriculture program and to meet with local Leaders to understand their needs and priorities.  We are looking forward to the start of an ongoing relationship to bring sustainable economic development to the Okpe Region.  Click here to learn more about this amazing new opportunity to serve.

Suubi Child Development Center

The Suubi Child Development Center has opened a new Christian Boarding School in Kampala, Uganda.  Set in an upscale neighborhood, the school is attracting fee-paying students that will provide income to sustain this new school. More importantly, profits from the new school will contribute to the support of 400 orphans and underprivileged children that are cared for by the Suubi Development Center.

Partners in Action provided funding to build the new school. PIA’s goal is to move Suubi to self-sufficiency in supporting the kids in their care and to increase the number of underprivileged children they can help through their Ministry.

To learn more about our venture in Suubi click here.

The PIA Philosophy

Partners in Action believes that all people are made in the image of God.  Given the opportunity people embrace working to better themselves and their families.  We will continue to serve across the globe with the goal of helping people to reach their potential.

  • Our Spirit focus calls us to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in every community we serve.
  • Healthy bodies enable people to strive and to thrive.
  • Training and education assist every person in using their God-given talents to better themselves, their families, and their communities.

Please prayerfully join us in serving the underserved.  Visit our website at to learn more about our Philosophy and global projects.

Glendale Youth Project Supports Football Program

The Glendale Youth Project (GYP) started a football league to provide inner-city students the opportunity to learn and play football at an affordable cost.  In two years the league has grown to 18 teams.  This provides a fun opportunity for kids in Glendale and prepares them for High School programs.  The league has three age groups – 3rd and 4th Grade, 5th and 6th Grade, and 7th and 8th Grade.

Glendale Youth Project fields a team in each age group.  They were excited to win the 2018 championships for 3rd-4th Grade and for 7th and 8th Grade.  Partners in Action was pleased to provide new helmets for the GYP teams this year.