Monthly Ministry Report

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How much in donations did you receive from Partners in Action last month?

How much of that money that you received from Partners in Action did you actually spend last month?

Please provide a breakdown for how you spent the money:

Construction Materials :

Food :

Healthcare :

Supplies (mattresses, furniture, or other items) :

Education :

Microfinance Loans :

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How did these funds further your ministry goals last month?

Did you receive any additional children into your care or lose any previously cared for children (orphanages only)? If so, please explain.

Did you receive funding from any additional sources last month? If so, please list sources and amounts.

What are some of the highlights of your ministry from the past month or praises you have?

What are some of the challenges your ministry faced last month or prayer requests you have?

What additional needs do you have, and what is required to fulfill those needs? Why is this a priority for your ministry?