Our Venture Program

Joining Partners in Action Venture Program

Are you a social entrepreneur? Do you have a passion to personally invest in communities in need? Have you identified a business venture that will bring social and economic benefits to a community in need? Contact Partners in Action to see if your project may be a candidate for our Venture Program.

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The Venture Process

Our Goal is to promote Philanthropreneurship globally. We bring together four core elements to enable the Social Entrepreneur to establish a socially responsible business venture that has economic sustainability and deep social impact.


PIA and Resource Partners

Evaluation process for aspiring social entrepreneurs

Strategy development

Business planning process

Mentorship and oversight

Value driven services

Social Entrepreneurs

Passion to make a difference

Business and financial capability

Deep engagement with the community they are serving

Recognize PIA as a value added partner

Meets PIA venture evaluation criteria




Social impact investment

Donations & grants

Private equity venture capital


Government incentives (taxes, matching funds)


Business management process

Business planning tools

Funding and Volunteer management capabilities

Data analytics and targeted campaign execution

Accounting and finance