Venture Trip to Zambia


Wed Sep 05 - Tue Sep 18


Namwala District, Zambia

About the Event

Along with our partner ZimZam Global, we will be traveling to Kenya and Zambia to identify partnership opportunities within the Namwala District of Zambia.


This Venture Trip will be closed to additional participants.


About the Project

The focus of Partners in Action is to create sustainable communities in underdeveloped areas.  As a Christ centered organization our goal is to address Body, Mind and Spirit.  We are evaluating the opportunity to pilot our multi-faceted program in the Namwala District of Zambia.  During this trip we will launch a new Agricultural initiative to grow cow peas.  Cow peas provide a rich source of protein that will combat malnutrition and will restore nutrients to soil that is currently used for maize production.

This venture trip will be assessing our investment in a large scale Poulty and Egg operation that will be established as a collaborative of local small to medium sized farmers.