True Life Mission


True Life Mission has been Changing Lives in Northern India since 2004. With a simple focus – to answer the call in lives to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the people of northern India. Northern India is the most unreached region in the world where less than 1% of the population is Christian. It may be the most important mission field in the world today.

We started small, sharing the Gospel by showing the Jesus Film (from Campus Crusade for Christ) in the Hindi language.  These early showings of the film proved to be an exciting basis for a growing ministry.

From the early days of using a video CD player and a television, we progressed to using a film projector to show films to larger groups of people in small villages. As many as 300 people would come to some showings. After this meager beginning, True Life Mission hit its second major milestone when we were registered with the Indian Government in July of 2005. As soon as we started TLM, we also started an annual tradition of Christmas Distributions. Once per year, we’ve collected funds and provided food, clothing, and educational materials to children and families in the very poorest villages of northern India.

From these beginnings, True Life Mission has developed three distinct area of ministry:

1)       GOSPEL – We estimate that we’ve reached more than 150,000+ people with the Gospel via the Jesus Film

2)       MISSION – We’ve provided food, clothing, and educational materials to more than 1,200 children

3)       WHEELCHAIR – We’ve begun a unique ministry to empower the critically handicapped

Now True Life Mission is Growing and Serves Various Ministries

  • Church Planting
  • Evangelism & Outreaches
  • Free Bibles Distribution
  • Mission Trips
  • Charity Work (Among Slums villages and Desperate Need Peoples)
  • Free Wheel Chairs Distributions (To Those Who Cannot afford Buying Wheel Chairs)
  •    Christmas Distributions Every Year (We Help Hundreds Of kids and Peopleevery Year With Food, Clothing, Toiletries,Study Material, Warm Blankets)
  • Gospel Meetings (Small And Large Gospel meeting/ Conventions)
  • Teachings Seminars
  • Marketplace Ministry
  • Live Services (We Invite Guest Preachers & Receiving Teachings LIVE From Them)
  • Pastors Conferences & seminars
  • Prayers Ministry
  • Kits For Pastors (Providing Resources to Pastors for Church Planting and Study Material and Tracts)
  • Bible Studies
  • Free Audio Bibles In Cds
  • Free Jesus Film Dvds & Cds In Various Indian Languages
  • Youth Ministry
  • Self Business (Providing Resources to Start Self Buisness to Unemployed)
  • Organizing Medical Camps Etc

Help Us to Reach unreached with Gospel in Northern India and meet Spiritual and Physical Needs Of this Region. For More Information Visit , ,


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