Tenors for Bulembu Children


The Tenors Fans for Bulembu’s Children is a community of a group of fans of The Tenors who are helping to raise funds for the Christian Academy in Bulembu and the Merit Shop in Bulembu. We raise funds to help defray some of the costs incurred by Bulembu’s Christian Academy. Since there is no government subsidy to the schools in Swaziland, the only way the Bulembu Christian Academy is funded is through donations and child sponsorships.

The children of Bulembu work on a merit system receiving points for good behavior and scholarship. At the end of each semester, the children can trade their points for items in the Merit Shop. The Tenors Fans for Bulembu’s Children also help raise funds to help keep the Merit shop fully stocked. The children are ALWAYS in need of items to shop.

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