Suubi Child Development

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Suubi Child Development Center is located just outside Kampala, Uganda in Kiwanga Village. Suubi was founded by Ezra Ssemwanga in May 2005 with the purpose of providing free education to neighborhood orphans and other underprivileged children in the community. From there, the vision expanded to opening a boarding house so that the orphaned children not only receive an education, but also have their physical needs met as well. Today Suubi provides an education to close to 400 children, including orphans and underprivileged students as well as fee paying students who help subsidize the cost of caring for the orphans.

Suubi’s model is unique in that it takes a holistic approach to meeting the needs of the children. Emphasis is placed not only on addressing the children’s educational needs, but also on instilling Christian values and promoting healthcare through good hygiene and HIV prevention education. This all-encompassing approach ensures that kids not only have head knowledge, but are prepared for life. And, kids are happier and healthier in this setting.

Currently, Suubi is limited in the number of children it can care for at its present location. For several years now, Ezra has been working diligently to set aside a portion of the funds generated by tuition-paying students to construct a new schoolhouse, just minutes away from Suubi’s current location. Once completed, Suubi will be able to enroll more tuition-paying students, a portion of whose tuition will go to provide housing and education for additional orphaned and abandoned students. This is a great model of sustainability in which Ugandans are meeting the needs of Ugandans.

We hope you’ll consider supporting Suubi financially, and we ask that you keep the efforts of Ezra and his team in your prayers!


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