Shining the Light in Mauritius

Loubser Banner

Eighteen years ago James and Michelle Loubser, with their two sons, left what one would call a normal life to follow the Lord’s calling, not knowing where it would take them. Through exciting adventures of Bible school, Israel, England and Swaziland they are now serving in Mauritius at the Lighthouse School. It is predominantly a Hindu nation with the other major religion being Islam.

Lighthouse School is a Christian school that allows any children of any faith to attend. 75% of the enrollment is non-Christian and 25% of these children are on scholarships through the school. Michelle serves the school through leading the Primary Department of the school and James serves through facilitating building and other projects. They believe that through serving the children, the school and their families, they can reflect the light of Jesus and so lead many to come to know Him, the true Light.

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