Restore My Hope


About Restore My Hope

Restore My Hope is committed to taking culture from “not knowing” Jesus to “Now Showing” Jesus.

We are reconnecting the world around us to the real and relevant Jesus Christ. He is the solution to every situation and we share the good news that He has provided everything needed to live a life of purpose. Restore My Hope will provide relevant, engaging and impactful messaging about Jesus Christ and God’s plan for each person’s life in such a way that it will allow culture to discover Jesus in the space in which they currently exist. No matter where people find themselves in life, they will be encouraged to pursue a meaningful relationship with Jesus. Those who are not Jesus followers will come to realize their God given potential and purpose.

Each message will be presented in a powerfully positive, uplifting and meaningful way using relevant communication through all channels and media with a unique method of passionate enthusiasm. Delivering our “Now What” formula so each and every person can transform their lives from a Hope in Real Time to a Hope in Real Life.

We will capture the passion and excitement associated with those who are experiencing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, utilizing that unlimited power along with the reach of the internet and other media sources as a vehicle by which Restore My Hope can deliver unparalleled experiences, teachings and guidance for those pursuing the answer to anyone’s “Now What” questions. Through various platforms, we will communicate content rich information through video feeds, podcasts, social media promotions, internet marketing, live events, large group gatherings and so much more. In addition, we will provide high quality tools for Jesus followers to use in order to introduce others to the Savior of the world.

Restore My Hope will also seek to facilitate the connection of people who experience Jesus to ministries that will engage and encourage a deeper knowledge and walk with Jesus. Like minded ministries will be connected with those that are in need of their ministry focus and expertise. By providing connection points to people and ministries, Restore My Hope will demonstrate the power that comes from unity in Christ as we seek to live out the Great Commandment and the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

We would very much like to plead for your generous support of this essential ministry. The impact of Jesus Christ on the world has brought a power that cannot be denied if it is properly communicated by those who are followers of Him. Help us increase the impact of Jesus by providing your best gift to this ministry today.

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