Philippines Faith Mission


In the Philippines, the level of hopelessness among youth and children is growing at an exponential rate due to the declining social and economic state. Vast numbers of young people have resorted to the underworld for employment and survival; including drug trafficking, prostitution, and theft. Many youth aspire to work abroad, but only a small percentage will actually get the chance. Community leaders continually complain about the state of today’s youth. The root cause of this hopelessness is a combination of poverty, high unemployment rates, lack of education, malnutrition, high debt, gambling, and medical problems. The lack of community programming dealing with these core issues is allowing an increasingly dissatisfied, angry, and despairing generation of urban poor youth and children to roam the streets.

Philippines Faith Mission is comprised of the Jireh Children’s Home and the Hanniel Christian Academy.

Jireh Children’s Home is a Christian home for children who have no home of their own: orphans, runaways, street children, victims of neglect, poverty, and exploitation. These children have nowhere else to go and no hope for a better life. Half of the property has cottages and facilities for modern living, while the other half is open land set aside for agriculture and livestock so the home can grow much of its own food. It is a place where children grow up in a Christian atmosphere wherein personal and group devotions as well as ongoing Bible Studies are an integral part of the daily routine.

Hanniel Christian Academy was established to provide quality and affordable education to children from deprived families. Hanniel Christian Academy is currently offering pre-school through high school. The academy strives to offer minimal tuition fees, if not free, to deprived members in surrounding communities by seeking the support of individuals, groups and organizations to sponsor children and support the organization.

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