New Hope Centre


The New Hope Centre provides hope for the future in a nation that is decimated by HIV/AIDS. The NEW HOPE CENTRE in BETHANY was founded to provide for multiple needs of children within the Swazi Nation.  Provision was made in the Child Care Centre to provide a model of excellence in management and training for children to lead and encourage, teach and counsel their peers throughout the nation.

Our mission is to provide a permanent home for orphaned and abandoned children in Swaziland, and to raise these children with love, education and a Biblical foundation, so that they are ready to lead Swaziland out of these difficult times and into a bright future.


The NEW HOPE CENTRE is to provide multiple ministries focused on meeting the needs of CHILDREN within the Swazi Nation.  It is composed of the following:


This Centre is home to orphaned, homeless and abandoned children who have lost their families due to the AIDS pandemic.  It is run on Christian principles providing a permanent home for toddlers and children between the ages of two and twelve, presently 29 children from various tragic situations.  One was found to be severely infected with Sexually transmitted diseases as she lived with her grandmother who was unable to protect her from the 11 and 12 year old neighborhood boys who reveled in playing sex with this child.  Her liver was severely infected and she was yellow and pale in color when she came to New Hope centre at the age of five.  She would scream as if the earth had come to an end for hours on end.  But we thank God for sponsors who have enabled us to care for her and she has celebrated her 6th birthday healed and recovering, with few tears and rare screams. A Lilawu (teenage girls house) is home for 12 girls at present and Intsanga (teenage boys house) is home to 11 boys at present

Support is needed for each child to provide for their basic needs of food, hygiene, clothing, love, care and education.  Staff must be recruited and trained in the care and counseling of children who have suffered devastating experiences since most adults do not have personal experience to help intervene in these young lives. Volunteers ready to give of their lives, their talents and their love are needed to invest in the future of this nation.


Orphans and community children enjoy the Pre-School based on a Christian curriculum using play, music and drama to develop motor skills and intellectual skills while providing a sound knowledge of the love and greatness of God our Father, Creator of Heaven and Earth. The school also provides two two-week training courses resulting in a Certificate of Early Childhood education as our contribution to the national crisis of plentiful preschool children attending care points and soup kitchens around the country as various organizations try to intervene in these young lives to give them a hope and a future.

Support and qualified volunteers are needed to teach other adults and young people how to help in early childhood development and studies show the first 1000 hours of a child’s life are the most important in determining the future success and intelligence of the child.

C. HOPE ACADEMY: Accelerated Christian Education SCHOOL

This school has a Christian curriculum and allows children to work at their own pace since many of the orphan children have to struggle with difficulties in concentration until through counseling the recovery from loss, grief, fear and devastation restore more healthy thoughts and emotions. The aim is for each child to be able to succeed academically and to identify his or her own gifts and talents. The training and recruiting of teachers is difficult since the children need more personal input and development.  Training is available for volunteers and staff alike through the National training centers throughout Southern Africa.  Upon completion of their schooling at age 18 the children of the Home will be assisted to find places in tertiary education or into the work environment.

Support for national staff and volunteers is desperately needed to maintain the qualified staffing needed in a registered school.

These children are also the key leaders in reaching out to thousands of orphaned children in primary schools around the country.  They lead assemblies in the schools, they lead camps for these children to help them work through the recovery from the debilitating anger and depression stages of grief and loss recovery as well as the building of resilience in the lives of these other children.

The students also work in the micro projects developing skills in animal husbandry through dairy farming and chicken raising, through planting vegetable gardens and seedling vegetables to learn basic entrepreneurial skills. Other are involved in beadwork, wire work and jewelry making all helping them develop a concept of making a living and running a business, equipping themselves and then in turn the children in the schools around the country with such skills. These are our endeavors to reach beyond the 120 we are committed to providing a permanent home for addressing the national crisis of over 200,000 un-parented children in the country.

Sponsor child in New Hope Centre USD240 per month or part co-sponsor at 30 per month

Sponsor child to Hope Camp USD120 per quarter or cosponsor at USD40 per month

Support a staff member or volunteer USD 500 per month or cosponsor at USD100 per month

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