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“Getting the Gospel out into the far remote areas of the world through proper education of our youth. Spreading the Great Commission Fellowship to the ends of the Earth, until the time our Lord returns.”

Through our mission team in Uganda, working with over 18 village churches, we have a strong on the ground team ready to aid orphaned children in their communities as needed. The first step is making sure the children have a village home, either with a relative or local family church member. Once we have confirmed that the orphan has a home, assistance with the schooling cost for that child is provided. This takes the strain off the additional cost of providing room and board for the orphan.

HISKids has no expenses relating to orphanage buildings and that allows more funds to assist with the children’s education, all while growing up in their own villages. This is not an orphanage program but one that’s focused on providing educational school fees, similar to scholarship grants in the US. The most important benefit is that these children are also learning about the Gospel message of Christ.

Since March 2016 HISKids has been able to enroll 35 more children for a total of 60. Please help us sustain the ongoing efforts now in place.

HISKids is located in Phoenix. Support on a local basis is another positive impact HISkids would like to continue to expand on. Children are our future. Our mission is clear. Leading and training them in understanding the Gospel message when they are young will benefit them for a lifetime now and an eternity to come. An eternal gift!

For more info go to HISKingdomWorks.org

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