Bulembu Tanya’s Kids


Since 2007 Tanya Condello and Jean Lederer, with the help of donors, have been helping 10 bright, young Swazi students receive a Christian education at Bulembu Christian Academy (BCA). It is the goal of “Tanya’s Kids” to support these children through their years at BCA in the hope the students will use what they have learned to improve their lives and the lives of others.

With the support of donors, the children’s families and students themselves, “Tanya’s kids” wants these children to receive the best education possible in Bulembu. The parents are supporting our endeavors and play an important role in getting the children to and from school and encouraging them in their lessons. The students are working hard and doing well academically. They have a long way to go before they receive their High School diplomas. As long as they continue to live in Bulembu, attend BCA and do their assignments “Tanya’s kids” will continue to support them.

$812 is the average cost per student to attend BCA this year. This includes their books, back-packs, fees and uniforms. Any financial support that is provided goes directly to the cost of educating these children. Any donation is appreciated by “Tanya’s kids” and by the children themselves. They know they are receiving a precious gift, and are appreciative of the support they are given.

Thank you for your contribution and support. Tanya and Jean.

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