Bopoma Villages

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We believe the best way to overcome poverty is to give people the tools to do it themselves. Bopoma Villages strengthens and equips individuals living in extreme poverty in rural Zimbabwe to meet the needs of their families and orphaned children in their communities through the following high-impact interventions:

• Providing clean water through household water filters, drilled wells and rainwater harvesting and conservation
• Increasing food security through community and household gardens
• Improving health through clean water, better hygiene, nutrition and disease prevention strategies
• Developing local church and village support networks for orphaned children and their caregivers
• Training local volunteers to support vulnerable families and orphaned children
• Mentoring and vocational training for vulnerable and orphaned youth.

For stories and photos showing the impact of our work, please visit or our Facebook page.

100% of your donation goes directly to Zimbabwe to support vulnerable children and families. All of Bopoma Villages’ administrative and fundraising costs are covered by our Board of Directors. We gratefully receive donations online or by check.

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