Glendale Community Center

About the Glendale Community Center

Partners In Action is currently running programs out of the city owned Glendale Community Center, located in what is known as the Heart of Glendale. The Heart of Glendale is the community just south of Glendale Avenue, between 57th Avenue and 51st Avenue, in 85301 (the poorest zip code in Glendale, AZ.) This neighborhood is home to about 95% of minority residence, 90% of which are living below the poverty level.

The Glendale Community Center offers programs to the youth of this community. After school, the community’s youth can come into the community center and receive a well balanced snack provided by St. Mary’s food bank and receive help to get their homework done. Participants can then participate in free play, basketball, volleyball, or hip-hop dance. Our summer programs will include soccer, baseball, and softball.

The Glendale Community Center plays a vital role in this community. Many of the kids coming into our center do not have adult supervision because their parent/guardians are working. Many kids are being raised by their grandparents, who have a difficult time helping their grandchildren with their homework. GCC also provides sports programs for kids who could not otherwise afford to participate in sports. We also work with the neighborhood school and provides proven programs that build resiliency, and literacy in our students that are our Future. Statistics show that if students gain resiliency they improve in Math, English, and Science. We work with students in the elementary schools and high schools. Help us break through the cycle of poverty, and build our future leaders.

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