About Partners in Action

We Are Partners in Action

Partners in Action enables social transformation through its ability to develop, fund and implement sustainable business activities. PIA identifies communities in need, defines business ventures that can enhance and grow a community, and provides the right combination of entrepreneurial skills and venture-funding to implement new businesses. Partners in Action continues to be a Christ-centered and purpose-driven organization whose goal is to spread God’s message throughout the communities we serve.

Our Leadership Our Partners

Philanthropreneurship  fə-’lan-thrə-prə-’nər-ship

The act of combining generosity, innovation, risk, collaboration and sustainability

Philanthropreneurship explores the dynamics of creative philanthropy, and how its practice can catalyze entrepreneurialism, innovation and cross-sector collaboration to make gains in the fight against the global challenges of poverty.  It is the bringing together of philanthropy, development, academia, government and the private sector to achieve social impact, ensure sustainability and deliver scalable progress for communities around the world to create their own economy.

Our Principles

  • The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the most transforming force in history.
  • We are a Christ-centric organization in which every individual is important. God calls us to help the poor escape the ravages of material poverty.
  • Poverty Cure provides the vision for all we do.  Click here to learn more.
  • Freedom is a right of all people globally; this includes the freedom to worship God and to attain individual economic success.
  • We believe in Philanthropreneurship where Philanthropy and Entrepreneurship unite to change underdeveloped communities. We will partner with communities to create holistic and sustainable development.
  • Every individual can develop creative solutions to poverty. They have the capacity to successfully overcome difficulties in their circumstances and become prosperous.
  • Providing people with entrepreneurial guidance and investment funding can give them the impetus to create their path to economic success.
  • As people in poor communities move out of poverty through their own initiatives, they will improve not just their lives, but the lives of all within their larger community (region, country, etc.).