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“Last year our country was divided through by politics, fearful of the economy, struck by natural disaster  and now we are paused in grief for the loss of lives in Newtown, Connecticut.  It’s time we become united in prayer.” - Stephanie Tillman, founder of Hope Raisers and soon to be road trip warrior.
Inspired by the fallen angels of Newtown and the many other mass tragedies in our country Partners in Action, a non-profit which serves as an umbrella for over 40 causes, presents United in Prayer and will set out on a road trip of 3,243 miles and 2,500 prayer signs. It begins on March 14th, which will mark three months since the horrific event that took 26 lives in the small community of Sandy Hook. It is a journey that will begin in Tucson, Arizona with stops in Columbine, Aurora, Oklahoma City, Joplin, Virginia Tech University, New York and ends in Newtown, Connecticut.
In each city they will stop for a 3 hour rally where free shirts, signs and posters will be given away to anyone who wants to write a prayer and have it photographed. They are looking for host churches, businesses, non-profits or community organizations in each city.

UNITED in Prayer for Newtown and Sandy Hook from ikros on Vimeo.

Tentative Schedule:

(contact us to request a stop or host the tour when we are in your city)

March 14: Kick off in Phoenix & Tucson Rally
March 15: Aurora Rally & Columbine Rally
March 16: Oklahoma City Rally & Joplin Rally
March 17: OPEN
March 18: OPEN
March 19: VA Tech Rally & Washington DC Rally
March 20: Stop in Charlotte for Youth Rally with Inspire the Fire

March 21: New York for Superstorm Sandy Clean Up
March 22: OPEN

March 23: Newtown

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” - Jeremiah 29:11


We Need Your Help

Our trip depends on 2500 prayers signs/shirts donated. See below how you can help spread HOPE across the country!
1. Donate One Mile of our trip for 10.00.
2. SHARE the photos and video with your social audiences
3. Order a bulk signs (or a shirts) and write your prayer in your yard (or wear it around).
4. Be a Sponsor of our prayer road trip.

 Sponsor Level 1 = 1,000

Your logo on 250 Signs/shirts

Your logo on 5,000 printed flyers

Sponsor Level 2 = 5,000

Your logo on 2,500 Signs/shirts

Your logo on 5,000 printed flyers

Logo on vehicle

Sponsor Level 3 = 25,000

Your logo on 2,500 Signs/shirts

Your logo on 5,000 printed flyers

Logo on vehicle

100,000 social media impressions

Name mentioned in all media interviews

Access to all photos to share with your social audience to share how you are standing with us…UNITED in prayer. 


Donate 1 Mile for $10
Donate 1 Mile for $10
As we travel from Phoenix to Newtown, you can be with us in spirit knowing that you helped support one mile of our journey
Host Your Own Event Shirts
Host Your Own Event Shirts
We can't stop everywhere we would like to but you can still join us and host your own rally with these interactive shirts.
Host Your Own Event Signs
Host Your Own Event Signs
We can't stop everywhere we would like to but you can still join us and host your own rally with these interactive signs


Meet our Road Trip Prayer Warriors:


Stephanie Tillman :The Storyteller
Stephanie Tillman facilitates events that inspire hope through sharing stories. She has helped over 8,000 people tell their story in the last two years. Once an addict and homeless mom she has now won “Top 25 under 25 Award”, been on the Today Show and is traveling the country spreading hope. Past events include “Joplin High – One Year Later” and “Finding My Shoes – A Homeless Outreach Event“.  Her mission is to use her story to help others find theirs.
Kari Carmona : The Prayer Warrior
On May 22nd 2011, Kari Carmona, her husband and daughter were knelt together praying in their church when the tornado hit. Her husband and daughter did not survive. She is our prayer warrior on this trip because she knows during the darkest times, prayer is all you have. Kari has found her hope in helping others while healing her heart.
Jerry Bowman : The Ex-CEO
Jerry is the type of guy who quits his job as a CEO, sells his house and agrees to be the new president of Partners in Action because God told him to.  He is also crazy enough to join these girls on the first leg of their road trip across the country because he knows the power of prayer and hope.


Mark Stevens: The Publisher
Ex-Publisher who prayed, “how can I use the rest of my life to impact others?”
Adrie: The Littlest Hope Raiser
On May 22nd 2011, Adrie’s life would change forever when her sister and daddy passed away in the Joplin tornado. Adrie uses her stories and her drawings to express the {HOPE} she has in her heart and she prays through the pain. Adrie is one powerful prayer warrior and will light up any room with her energy. We are excited to have her join us!
Who will be next?
Slowly God is bringing more people to our Road Trip and we are blessed to have them join. If you know a videographer who would be interested in helping document the voices of Prayers across America, let us know!

Let us know if you want to help:


The Impact of one of our past events:

Stephanie is not new to knowing how to help people heal from tragic events. Her first project was in Joplin Missouri after a tornado devastated the town. She spent over a year teaching people to heal their hearts while helping others. Sharing the stories, having a voice…does it matter? Watch the video and see for yourself.

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